6 Classic Types of Selfies We All Know

Everyone and their mothers take selfies, and thousands are posted on social media sites every single day. Whenever a phenomenon gets this huge, general trends arise that makes us able to place things in categories. Like them, hate them, or neither, these are the classic types of selfies that we see all the time.

1. The fitness people.

Some of the most hated on selfies are the ones that are taken in the gym. Call us jealous, but is it totally necessary to take a mirror pic of you in a sports bra all sweaty? And it’s totally obvious you’re showing off when you take a pic flexing next to the heaviest weights in the gym.

2. The foodies.

We have to say, food selfies are some of our favorites! People who take pictures with their food are usually silly and don’t care if they’re showing off a 600 calorie meal. Everyone loves food, so seeing a steamy burger or an ice cream cone doesn’t bother us.

3. The duck face.

Ah, the duck face selfies have become one of the biggest cliches, and we all have a love/hate relationship with them. Girls are known to take duck face pics on the regular, and guys have begun taking them simply to mock the women that do. We’re not sure why this is such a popular trend, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

4. The traffic haters.

We probably see at least one selfie posted that was taken in a car per day, am I right?! Usually, when girls take pictures of themselves in their car, they have some sort of caption about hating traffic. We’re not sure why people do this so much; maybe it’s the outdoor lighting.

5. The “I woke up like this.”

You would think that taking a picture in bed when you just woke up isn’t something that people would voluntarily do, but you’d be wrong. Tons of people take sleepy-faced pictures of themselves in bed, trying to show others their natural side we suppose.

6. The mirror pics.

Mirror selfies have been around the longest because it obviously allows you to get your whole body in the shot. Usually, mirror pics are accompanied with an unflattering flash reflection and a messy bedroom or bathroom in the background.

*7. Of course we can forget, the (ahem) App for Nude Selfies

It seems like since the invention of phones with camera’s, people have been sending each other nude self shots – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Today, people use Snapchat or just down-right send their nude selfies through traditional SMS or iMessage.  To be honest, it’s risky to send nudes of your self to anyone, because they can end up on the internet – but then again, if you really trust the person, then it should be okay.