Hey, I’m Raul! What’s up everyone?! Hope you all are having a fantastic day! Thanks for taking a second to stumble across my blog. It is my absolute passion to write, so I thought, why not create a blog?!

I am completely obsessed with my dog Moonshine. She’s a Bernese Mountain, and an absolute bundle of joy. She is the nicest dog ever, and she’s incredibly smart. She has different barks when she’s being serious or just playing, so I always know if something is wrong.

One time, my nephew was over at my house and I was cooking in the kitchen, thinking he was playing with his toys in the living room. All of a sudden, I hear Moonshine bark (his serious bark), so I knew something was wrong! I went over to where they were and my nephew was climbing out the doggy door! If it wasn’t for Moonshine, I probably wouldn’t have known that my little nephew was crawling outside!

Well, anyway, thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope you all have the most fabulous day!