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How Chicktok Is Helping People Send Nudes Securely

Everyone loves to send and receive nudes, but sometimes it’s difficult knowing how much privacy you’re giving up. That’s where Chicktok comes in! Chicktok is a dating app and TikTok-style nudes sharing app all in one that makes sending nudes with confidence easy as pie. How does Chicktok keep your nudes safe? Chicktok uses end-to-end encryption, meaning that… Read More »

The App You Need To Download To Keep Your Nudes Safe

Let’s stop the negative connotations surrounding nudes because let’s face it — we all take them. From politicians to teachers, to your homie and your family members. But clearly, nobody wants to see nudes of their cousin just as much as they don’t want their own nudes to be seen by anyone other than whom… Read More »

5 Best Celebrity Selfies of All Time

Selfies are arguably the biggest social media trend right now, and celebrities are obviously taking a part in the madness. It’s obvious that celebrities and people with status get the most likes on social media, so we were interested to find out which selfies are the best in history. Keep reading, some of them might surprise you!… Read More »