Top Sex Apps to Look Out for in 2024—Casual Encounters

Are you looking for the best sex apps for no-strings-attached encounters in 2024? This paper provides an overview of the best love applications for rapid hookups and other entertaining sex-capades. Our guide complements a diverse taste with safety options while adventuring. Ready to jump into the state of digital lust? Without further ado, let’s explore… Read More »

How Chicktok Is Helping People Send Nudes Securely

Everyone loves to send and receive nudes, but sometimes it’s difficult knowing how much privacy you’re giving up. That’s where Chicktok comes in! Chicktok is a dating app and TikTok-style nudes sharing app all in one that makes sending nudes with confidence easy as pie. How does Chicktok keep your nudes safe? Chicktok uses end-to-end encryption, meaning that… Read More »

The App You Need To Download To Keep Your Nudes Safe

Let’s stop the negative connotations surrounding nudes because let’s face it — we all take them. From politicians to teachers, to your homie and your family members. But clearly, nobody wants to see nudes of their cousin just as much as they don’t want their own nudes to be seen by anyone other than whom… Read More »

5 Best Celebrity Selfies of All Time

Selfies are arguably the biggest social media trend right now, and celebrities are obviously taking a part in the madness. It’s obvious that celebrities and people with status get the most likes on social media, so we were interested to find out which selfies are the best in history. Keep reading, some of them might surprise you!… Read More »

FreeMAC overview

The goal of this project is to write a firmware for all Conexant wireless chipsets from scratch. The advantages are : You will be able to run your wireless station on 100%-free software You can have high-quality wireless drivers, without suffering from firmware bugs or limitations that can’t be fixed because of proprietary licences You… Read More »

Netgear WG511

Warranty Limited 3 year warranty. Price range $30-$60 Where to buy Amazon PriceGrabber Reviews ZDNet What’s the power output and receiver sensitivity for this card? Has anyone got a V3.0 card working with this driver? Dmesg tells me ‘eth1: mgmt tx queue is still full’ repeatedly after the firmware load does a reset and then… Read More »

Chipsets and Wireless cards supported by the Linux prism54 driver

The prism54 Driver supports all Prism Frisbee, Prism GT, Prism Duette and Prism Indigo chipset based wireless cards. This file attempts to list all of the cards that use these chipsets. Note: Support for Xbow/Javelin will not be supported anytime soon. Chipset Marketing Name Default PCI ID 802.11a Capable 802.11b Capable 802.11g Capable ISL3877 Prism Indigo 1260:3877… Read More »

Firmware for the Linux prism54 driver

Mcgregor says “fsck it” Despite the warning below, I’m tired of users asking around helplessly where to find a firmware file. Globespan said they’d give us a license anyway, and since that may be delayed, I’m saying fsck it. So I’ve put them on my own dir: firmware for prism54 Firmware for prism54 We’re sorry but… Read More »

Prism54 USB Devel

Development info on the USB dongles (wusb54g). [2004-08-20 –] A. Getting the USB dongle to work The dongle now works with ndiswrapper under Linux / x86 thanks to the work of Jan Kiszka and Uli Lukas. Not only that, but you’ll be able to spend many more useful logs with this. Here’s a quick howto… Read More »

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