Chipsets and Wireless cards supported by the Linux prism54 driver

By | April 8, 2005

The prism54 Driver supports all Prism Frisbee, Prism GT, Prism Duette and Prism Indigo chipset based wireless cards. This file attempts to list all of the cards that use these chipsets. Note: Support for Xbow/Javelin will not be supported anytime soon.

ChipsetMarketing NameDefault PCI ID802.11a Capable802.11b Capable802.11g Capable
ISL3877Prism Indigo1260:3877SupportedNo supportNo support
ISL3880Prism Frisbee1260:3890No supportSupportedSupported
ISL3886Prism Javelin1260:3890No supportSupportedSupported
ISL3886Prism Xbow1260:3890SupportedSupportedSupported
ISL3890Prism GT1260:3890No supportSupportedSupported
ISL3890Prism Duette1260:3890SupportedSupportedSupported


We have a problem. Manufacturers started buying the SoftMAC chipsets, which are not yet supported and may never be, as drop-in-replacements for the FullMAC chipsets without changing PCI IDs and apparently sometimes not changing even the FCC ID. That said, you are better off first testing a card before buying it. If you can’t test a card and want Linux support, I can recommend you just not buy a prism 802.11g based chipset for now.

So now what? Well, we have the Centrino and Ralink. More to come soon


Full card nameFCC IDCard ModelTypeSubsystem IDvendor: deviceStatusSuccess countFailure countSuccess rate
Netgear WG511PY3WG511-FWG511Cardbus1385:48001260:3890Perfect7708390.27 %
3com OfficeConnect 11g Wireless LAN PC CardHED2835WACC3CRWE154G72Cardbus10b7:600110b7:6001Perfect4053991.22 %
SMC2802W – EZ Connect g 2.4GHz 54 Mbps Wireless PCI CardM4Y-XG-300SMC2802WPCI10b8:28021260:3890Success2894486.79 %
D-Link Air Plus Xtreme G A1KA2DWL-G650A1DWL-g650 A1Cardbus1186:32021260:3890perfect2162390.38 %

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