Firmware for the Linux prism54 driver

By | April 3, 2005

Mcgregor says “fsck it”

Despite the warning below, I’m tired of users asking around helplessly where to find a firmware file. Globespan said they’d give us a license anyway, and since that may be delayed, I’m saying fsck it. So I’ve put them on my own dir: firmware for prism54

Firmware for prism54

We’re sorry but because it seems default international copyrights/licensing seems to be really restrictive:

From The Debian-Policy Guideline

“Note that under international copyright law (this applies in the United States, too), no distribution or modification of a work is allowed without an explicit notice saying so. Therefore a program without a copyright notice is copyrighted and you may not do anything to it without risking being sued! Likewise if a program has a copyright notice but no statement saying what is permitted then nothing is permitted. “

Because of that and since Globespan Virata has not given us explicit permission to redistribute firmware freely (for non-commercial and even commercial purposes) we have taken down our archive of the firmware.

If you want firmware, please download the corresponding Windows driver and use the *.arm file in it. We apologize for the inconvenience, this it strictly out of our hands.